Terms of use

1. General Terms and Conditions


1.1. iDiscount program is a modern application created for marketing specialists and small businesses. It allows to issue your own electronic discount cards and send them to special application at client’s phones.
1.2. iDiscount program owner is Joint Limited Liability Company "AyDiskaunt",
Republic of Belarus, 223040, Minskiy region, agricultural rural settlement Lesnoy, Fabrichnaya St, 2a, room 11/2.
Mailing address: Republic of Belarus, 220050, Minsk, Central Post Office, post office box 150.
Telephone number: 8(029)6642222, 8(033)6642222, 8(025)6642222
Website: www.idiscount.by, e- mail: marketing@idiscount.by.
1.3. User is any legal entity or individual entrepreneur, as well as natural entities who have concluded (accepted) the present Agreement.
1.4. iDiscount program data is text information, video-, audio-, photo-materials and other graphic materials created by the User or the Owner in the framework of iDiscount program operation.

2. General Conditions
2.1. The present Agreement constitutes a public offer. After loading/installing iDiscount program the User is considered to have accepted the offer and have joined the present Agreement by putting «V» mark on the Agreement conditions acceptance.
2.2. The Owner has a right at any time change the conditions of the present Agreement at his election. These changes will come into force in 3 (three) days after a new Agreement version has been published. If the User disagrees to the changes made, he/she shall renounce from Discount program and stop using it. If the User continues to use iDiscount program after the Agreement changes have come into force, he/she is considered to have agreed to them.
2.3. The User guarantees that he/she is not bound by legal restrictions for using online services, and that he/she has all necessary power and authority to conclude the present Agreement.
2.4. The Owner shall not be liable to the User for any damage or harm caused to the User, including those to his/her computer, software and other property, connected to iDiscount program use or loss of use.
2.5. The Owner grants the User the rights to use iDiscount program, its functions and services without charge depending on the set of preferred options chosen by the User.

3. Administration Rights and Obligations
3.1. The Owner shall give the User a possibility to create an individual account with iDiscount program functions which is necessary to use iDiscount program.
3.2. In case the User violates this Agreement the Owner has a right without prior notification and to his own election limit fully or partially iDiscount program functions, delete all Data created by the User, and deny to the User further rights to use iDiscount program without responsibility for any harm which can be caused to the User by such actions.
3.3. The Owner reserves the right to limit fully or partially iDiscount program functions for process, preventive or other reasons at his own election with or without prior notification of the Users.
3.4. The Owner has a right to review any public and personal correspondence of the User, the User operation procedure for iDiscount program and his/her personal information to control his/her compliance with the present Agreement.

4. User Rights and Obligations
4.1. The User shall comply with the present Agreement and timely inform him(her)self about the most recent version of the Agreement.
4.2. Use iDiscount program only by means of his/her individual account.
4.3. Publish and distribute only accurate information through iDiscount program.
4.4. If the User does not agree to the current Agreement, he/she shall stop using iDiscount program and, among other actions, uninstall it.
4.5. The User shall not disclose or pass to the third parties his/her identification data, as well as his/her individual account data which can be used for the User authorization.
4.6. The User shall not study the code, decompile or disassemble iDiscount program, modify iDiscount program and create derivative products on the basis of iDiscount program or its parts.
4.7. The User has a right to perform actions provided by iDiscount program and use its technical features.

5. The User shall not perform the following actions
5.1. Use individual account of other person, as well as dispose of or in any other way pass his/her account, or to obtain, including by means of exchange or transfer by gift, a personal account of other person.
5.2. Use iDiscount program in any way that may disrupt normal iDiscount program operation or that contradicts to the present Agreement.
5.3. Use iDiscount program features to sent unwished information (spam), including but not limited to creating and sending electronic discount cards without receiver's consent.
5.4. Use iDiscount program features to send malicious software or links which could contain or contain malicious software.
5.5. Use iDiscount program features to send any other information which in the Owner's opinion is unwished, breaks rules of morality and ethics or violates the current legislation of the country of iDiscount program Owner.
5.6. Use or distribute to the third parties iDiscount program and individual account Data.
5.7. Perform any other illegal or criminal actions.

6. Exclusive rights
6.1. Exclusive rights for intellectual property items related to iDiscount program belong to its Owner. All rights are reserved.
6.2. Copyright for iDiscount program Data published and/or created by the Owner, belongs to the Owner who created it.
6.3. Copyright for iDiscount program Data published and/or created by the User belongs to the User who created it or to other legitimate copyright holders.
6.4. The Owner gives the User a right to use the Owner Data by means of reviewing, reproducing (including copying), processing (including copy printing) and other rights - exclusively for the Objective of using iDiscount program, except for the cases when such use can cause harm to the copyright holder interests protected by law.
6.5. It is strictly forbidden to use in any way exclusive rights objects located in iDiscount program fully or partially without the written consent of the copyright holder, except for the cases allowed by this Agreement or when a copyright holder has explicitly given his consent for free use of his materials by other parties.

7. Liability of The Parties
7.1. The User is liable to the Owner and third parties for not observing the conditions of the present Agreement.
7.2. In case the User uses iDiscount program for objectives indicated in clauses 3–5 section 5 of the present Agreement, the Owner reserves the right to his election to block individual account of the User and not refund financial claims of the User if those are filed.
7.3. The User refunds to the Owner and third parties any damages caused by his/her actions, including but not limited to not observing the present Agreement, copyright, exclusive or other rights.
7.4. The Owner is not liable for the quality and speed of the User's Internet connection. To solve any technical issues about telecom services the User shall address his telecom service provider.
7.5. The Owner is not liable for any actions of the User or third parties, including but not limited to theft, destroying iDiscount program as well as not authorized access to the User's individual account.
7.6. The Owner is released from liability for failure to perform or improper performance of the obligations under the present Agreement if this failure is a result of acts of God (force majeure), that is emergency situations which cannot be prevented by the parties under the given circumstances, including mass disorders, prohibitive acts of the authorities, natural disasters, fires, catastrophes, as well as failures of telecom and power networks, malicious software activity and third parties unfair acts.

8. Technical support
8.1. The Owner provides technical support in terms of iDiscount program use. To get support the User can address the Owner by sending a request to the e-mail: support@idiscount.by.

9. Rights Reservation
9.1. All other rights not explicitly indicated in the present Agreement are reserved by the Owner of iDiscount program.

10. Final Provisions
10.1. Issues not settled by the present Agreement are determined in accordance with the law of the Republic of Belarus. Disputes about concluding, performing and terminating the present Agreement are to be considered at the economic court of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with substantive and procedural law of the Republic of Belarus. The language of the proceedings is Russian.